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Galerie Italienne

20th Century Decorative Arts France

Stand Number 8

Galerie Italienne

15, rue du Louvre 75001 Paris - France

T: +33 9 84 43 87 34

Spazio Tattile


In 2016, the Galerie Italienne, turned a new page in its story with the launch of a new space spanning 400m2 at Rue du Louvre, opposite the Bourse du Commerce, home to the headquarters of the Collection Pinault in Paris. The gallery presents contemporary Italian artists.


Today, the Galerie Italienne serves as a place of passage and discovery in the heart of Paris. In this new space, the Galerie Italienne wishes to create a more active platform, one that will break down barriers and lend purpose to its physical existence.


To this end, the Galerie Italienne has created a laboratory of experiences called Spazio Tattile, a series of furniture and works of art exhibitions in dialogue with the contemporary artists represented by the gallery.


Emulating a collector’s home, each Spazio Tattile exhibition will be an occasion to create an immersive experience of contemporary art, at once closer and more tactile, done with passion and taste. Spazio Tattile celebrates its duty to surprise the knowing gaze and the curious mind.


In due course, Spazio Tattile will enable the gallery, in addition to exhibitions and decoration projects, to organize events (diners, conferences, tastings etc.), and to work on special projects (editorial, publications, etc.) in order to create a laboratory for meetings and discoveries.