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20th Century Decorative Arts France

Stand Number 12

Hélène Greiner

6, rue de Beaune, 75007 Paris - France 71, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris - France 3, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris - France

T: +33 1 84 05 62 49 - +33 1 45 48 13 05 - +33 6 22 80 73 27

Gallery Martel-Greiner invites you to explore the work of independent artists who re-imagined sculpture in the inter-war period to bring it new life. For this seventh edition of artgenève, the gallery has the pleasure to showcase spectacular artworks, realized as a unique piece or limited editions, and highlight names of this movement such as René Broissand, René Coutelle, Robert Couturier, Parvine Curie, Roseline Granet, Alberto Guzman, François Kovacs, Monique Rozanes, François Stahly, Olivier Strebelle, Gérard Voisin, Irène Zack…
The Gallery also takes an interest in the integration of sculptures and light fixtures in interiors and will exhibit the creations by Fontana Arte, Fred Brouard, Carlo di Carli, Gabriella Crespi, Gerard Kuijpers, Victor Roman… You will also find the works of artists who have left their mark on the post-war years hanging on the walls: Francesca Guerrier, Paul Jenkins, François Stahly.