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Contemporary Design The Netherlands, UK

Stand Number 7

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Kerkstraat 1 Pelsestraat 13 5256 AT Heusden aan de Maas The Netherlands

T: +31 416 85 84 24

Selected works by:

  • Catharina van de Ven
  • Dominic Harris
  • Kacper Hamilton
  • Reinier Bosch
  • Royal Tichelaar Makkum

Priveekollektie represents internationally recognized artists and designers, and provides young and upcoming talents with a platform for showing their exceptional collectible design and art pieces. Key in the collection is the combination of contemporary art and collectible design and the crossing of the fine line between both disciplines.

Before opening the gallery in 2006, Irving and Miriam van Dijk avidly collected art and design. Their personal approach, knowledge and taste has developed one of the leading galleries for collectible design in Europe, with exceptional exhibitions and participations in renowned international fairs in Paris, Basel, Miami, London, New York and Amsterdam for both contemporary art and design.