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Galerie Le Beau

20th Century Design & Decorative Arts Belgium

Stand Number A19

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  • Stanislas Gokelaere
  • Céline Robinson

67, rue Lebeau 1000 Bruxelles

T: +32 475 35 95 75

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This year at PAD London, Galerie Le Beau will be presenting a highly curated selection of mid-century Brazilian furniture by master designers such as Joaquim Tenreiro, Jose Zanine Caldas and Jorge Zalszupin.

It is in the late 30’s under the impulse of architects such as Oscar Niemeyer, that modernism made its appearance in Brazil, marking a turning point in the history of Brazilian design.

In a country where 18th century French furniture was mostly found in interiors, it was a revolution. Indeed this new architecture, characterized by its minimalism and its absence of embellishments, called for a completely different style of furniture. Niemeyer would appeal to newly immigrated designers from Europe.

These designers would combine their modernist vision inherited from the European influence of the Bauhaus or from Scandinavian design, to the richness of their new host country. The result will be furniture with elegant and voluptuous lines, to which exotic Brazilian woods such as the Rio Rosewood, add an exceptional layer of warm light and depth.