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Didier Luttenbacher

19th Century Decorative Arts France

Stand Number 62

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  • Didier Luttenbacher
  • Eric Gasquet

12, rue des Beaux-Arts 75006 Paris France

T: +33 1 40 46 82 40 / + 33 6 14 31 24 73

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Founded by Didier Luttenbacher in 1987, Didier Luttenbacher-Atelier DL concentrates on the rediscovery of the extraordinary within the Objets d’Art. One hundred years of Decorative Art, beginning from the birth of Design in the 1850’s to the 1950’s with its profound technical and decorative transitions.
The gallery proposes a journey through the great artistic and aesthetic movements of the Historicism, “Japonisme”, Orientalism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and all the new Design movements which appeared at the end of the 1940’s and in the 1950’s…

Our expertise and research focuses on exceptional design and executed works; timeless, rare and authentic creations.

Sevres Manufacture, Baccarat,  Alphonse Giroux, Andre Thuret, Christofle, Louis Delachenal, Louis Süe, Eugene Rousseau, Ernest Leveille, Henry Cros, , Escalier de Cristal, Gabriel Viardot, Baccarat, Ferdinand Barbedienne, Joseph Brocard, Theodore Deck, Honore Dufin, Philippe Imberton, Edouard Lievre, Alfred Serre, Constant Sevin…