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Glass, Ceramic France

2, place de la Manufacture 92310 Sèvres FRANCE

T: +33 1 46 29 22 22 00

Selected works by

  • P. COGNEE, vase Grand Charpin, four à bois 2016, pièce unique
  • A. HOFFNER, Fontaine à l'éponge n°1, 2017, édition limitée à 8
  • J. LE PARC, Thème de la Longue Marche, 1974-2018, édition 1/8
  • matali crasset, Petite Cape #42, 2018, pièce unique
  • E. BOOS, Congés au vent, 2018, pièce unique

In keeping with its missions, the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres offers on-site residencies to
international artists and designers who explore and experiment with, each in his or her own way,
ceramics – particularly porcelain, a material as fascinating as it is complex. Guest artists can
draw inspiration from Sèvres’ vast repertoire of several hundred forms. They also enjoy access to
Sèvres’ exceptional palette of over a thousand colours, which can be further enriched by new
shades upon their request. The Manufacture’s resident artists and its artisans thus benefit from
this constant creative dialogue. In this manner, new works of art further extend and enrich Sèvres’
history and heritage, before being acquired by collectors, cultural institutions and the Palaces of
the French Republic.