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Galerie Le Beau

Design du XXème siècle Belgique



  • Stanislas Gokelaere
  • Céline Robinson

67, rue Lebeau 1000 BRUXELLES BELGIQUE

T: +32 2 513 04 73

Galerie Le Beau is dedicated to the promotion of the great designers of the 20th century.

Born from the passion for 20th century design of Stanislas Gokelaere and his wife Céline Robinson, Galerie Le Beau is the result of two complementary profiles that combine knowledge, experience and rigor.

The gallery opened in 2014 in a historic house on the Place du Sablon, the main art square in Brussels. It focuses on furniture and lighting by designers from 1940’s to 1980’s.

Our selection includes rare works that combine refined craftsmanship and timeless creation, mainly from Scandinavian, American, French, Brazilian and Italian designers.

Each exhibition is curated with concern for quality and rarity. The objective is to create a dialogue between furniture, lighting and art.