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PAD London 2019 on 30/09/2019

Please choose a ticket type and quantity from the drop-down menu and click on Reserve. The tickets will then be reserved for a limited time. You can add a different type by using the ‘Reserve some tickets’ option again, or click here to return to the list of dates to add tickets for a different day. When you are ready to purchase, click on the ‘Proceed to Basket’ button.

For a better experience, certain features of javascript area required. Currently you either do not have these features, or you do not have them enabled. Despite this, you can still purchase your tickets, using 2 simple steps.

STEP 1: Below, select the type of ticket you wish to purchase, enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase, then click Reserve Tickets.

STEP 2: Finally, once you have successfully Reserved your Tickets, click Proceed to Cart to complete your order.

STEP 1: How many?

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